About Us

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Dressage Horse International was formed in 1994 by Andrew Graham and Ian Woodhead with the aim of bringing top quality prospects to the British market. In 2008 the new DHI prefix was added to horses sold and DHI Performance Horses was born.Dressage Horse International was the still the underlying company name. ..and exsists to this day.The Performance title evolved as Andrew was now sourcing very successful eventers and showjumpers.In 2008 Ian handed his shares in the company to Andrew who gave them to his wife Jo and together they set about developing DHI Performance Horses.

Tragically Jo's soulmate Andrew died in July 2011 from a heart attack and so Jo is now fulfilling both their Ambitions and making sure Andrews lifes work lives on.


Your Success is our success; matching the right rider to the right horse or pony is the essence of our service.

We are proud of our successes to date and will strive for many more in the future.

Andrew Graham's Biography

Andrew was born into a family who were involved in equestrian activities and he was actively encouraged to ride at an early age. Pony Club, Hunting, Cross Country, and Show Jumping were all part of the mix enjoyed by the Graham's.

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Jo Wright Graham's Biography

Jo has always been dedicated to horses and began riding at a very early age. Her parents had no background with horses but were always totally encouraging and supportive and allowed Jo to follow her first passionĀ into showjumping.

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